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Molokai Health Talk Inspirational Vegan Cookbook Released for the Holidays!

Inspirational Vegan Cookbook Released for the Holidays!

Whole Food Recipes for Life
by Chef Todd Dacey with Jia Patton

Book Review by Dodi Rose of Dodi-Liscious

Chef Todd Dacey has provided the vegetarian and vegan community with a beautiful cookbook that is both practical and essential for those on the path of eating holistically. Yet it does not stop there. There are a growing number of people who are seeking to change their diet and lifestyle to a more healthy, whole and simple way of eating and being. This cookbook clearly presents itself as a very concrete tool to anyone who is sincere about making that change.

What could be more motivating than recipes that are easy to understand and follow, using simple ingredients?  This demonstrates that it is a simple and relatively painless process to make delicious vegetarian dishes, which is very important to those who are used to opening a package and popping it in the microwave. Many tasty selections come from different ethnic traditions, such as Indian, Asian and South of the Border, all using whole, familiar items from our kitchens.

The book's well-organized sections include an eloquent forward by Diamond and River Jameson, founders of the Total Integration Institute, and thoughtful introductions by Todd and Jia that are all well worth reading. A plethora of information follows, providing simple methods of incorporating it into daily life. The sections on Organic Farming and High Vibration Foods give practical guidelines for making wise choices when shopping.

There are sections on how to improve the functioning of the body with such topics as acid/alkaline balance and colon health, along with practical information about fats, oils, dairy and soy. And to top it off, the explanations of Ayurveda, Fasting and Meditation, and Foundational Holistic Health Practices can help any reader understand that it is not difficult to be healthy. Chef Todd has done the homework for us!

The inspiring quotes and the prayers really bring home the essence of this cookbook: that nourishing our bodies with the right kind of food can be and should be an elevating experience that ties us to the heavens and the earth. The lovely art work and pictures make reading this cookbook a visually pleasing experience and enhances the meaning of what is being conveyed.

The title of this book could not be more apropos.

It is truly inspirational.

Contact: Vegan Cheff Tod Dacey - 808-217-8412

Dodi Rose
Hawaii Health Guide - Food Reviewer
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