Molokai Health Guide - Master Cleanse Recipe
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Molokai Health Talk Master Cleanse Recipe

Master Cleanse Recipe

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Summer is a perfect time to cleanse your physical body. From a naturopathic perspective, “toxemia” or build up of toxins on a cellular level, is the root cause of most ill health. Therefore, removal of accumulated environmental toxins (such as solvents, heavy metals and pesticides) is essential to health.

The most important way to prepare your body for a cleanse is keep your bowel movements regular before and during the cleanse. If you are constipated (less than 2 complete bowel movements, increase fiber and water intake, and avoid dairy and red meat. Consider a series of colonics if you have chronic constipation.

Master Cleanse
Created by Stanley Burroughs, the master cleanse is a tasty spicy “lemonade” drink that contains maple syrup, providing both calories and glucose the brain. The minimum recommended length of the master cleanse is 5-10 days. Consult with a doctor if you plan to follow the master cleanse for more than 10 days.

The benefits of the master cleanse are that it tastes great, it is easy to prepare, and weight loss is common. Most of my patients lose 1 pound for every two days they follow the cleanse.

Avoid this cleanse: If you are pregnant, have citrus fruit allergy, or have a gastric ulcer (cayenne irritates stomach). Consult with a doctor if you have diabetes, electrolyte imbalance ie. kidney disease (potassium wasting syndrome), adrenal disease (Cushings, Addisons), gallstones, or a heart condition (CHF).

Preparation for Master Cleanse:
1 serving = 10 oz. total
8 oz. filtered water
juice of ½ lemon
1-2 TBSP. organic maple syrup (GRADE B has more minerals)
1/10- ¼ tsp cayenne pepper
Multiple 1 serving by 12 to prepare the daily serving.
This will provide 1200-2400 calories, depending on how much maple syrup is added.

Daily Instructions for Master Cleanse:
▪ Mix: juice from 6 lemons, 1 tsp cayenne, and 1-2 cups maple syrup into 1 gallon of filtered water. Drink 6-12 glasses throughout the day.
▪ Rinse mouth with water between each drink to prevent cavities and enamel breakdown.
▪ Fiber supplement twice daily to ensure two bowel movements daily.
▪ Sauna 10-15 minutes 3 times/week or Epsom salt bath 20 minutes 3 times/week.
▪ REST when have free time. When your energy increases, go for gentle walks in nature.
▪ Use this time for introspection – journaling, meditation, avoid television.

About Dr. Abrinbr>Dr. Abrin grew up on the North Shore of O’ahu. Dr. Abrin worked as a medical and surgical assistant in the field of women’s health before receiving her N.D. (Doctor of Naturopathy) degree from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon, specializing in women’s health, herbs and homeopathy. Dr. Abrin is fluent in both English and Spanish and has trained internationally with midwives in the Middle East and Jamaica.

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